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Photo inserts researched, edited, and designed by Vincent Virga, with the assistance of Carolyn nike roshe run.

Every effort has been made to identify copyright holders; in case of oversight, and upon notification to the publisher, corrections will be made in the next printing..moncler jackets outlet.

PHOTO INSERT I.moncler outlet online.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from the authors collection..moncler outlet.

AP/Wide World moncler jackets.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.moncler outlet online.

Arsenio Hall Show, courtesy Paramount moncler jackets.

PF BENTLEY Archive, Center for American History, moncler jackets.

PF Bentley/ outlet online.

Donald R. Broyles/Office of Governor sexy prom dresses.

Clinton Presidential Materials plus dresses.

Tipper Gore.Hermes H Bracelet replica.

Harry Hamburg/New York Daily bracelet replica.

Morning News of Northwest bracelet replica.

Jim Perry, The Hope Star

Brooke Shearer

Joseph Sohm/


Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from the Clinton Presidential Materials Project, Little Rock, Arkansas.

AP/Wide World Photos

The Architect of the Capitol

Authors collection

Diana Walker/Time


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